Half Piece Caciocavallo Imported


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The story tells that a Prior, returning from Spain, stayed for a few months in the Monastery of Cremona. A great gourmand, underlined by his size, the Prior one evening tasted a cheese produced on site that he liked. He asked whose work he was. The friars pointed out the cheesemaker who supplied them and the next morning he showed up at the farm. “Good man” – he said – “your cheese is very good, but with my advice it will be much better”. Amazed and frightened, the farmer nodded. He had never done it! For days and days the Prior tormented the poor man with advice, which  sounded like sermons to the cheesemaker. “Here we are” – the Prior finally said one day – “now you know how to make the cheese I deserve; I’ll wait for you in twenty days at the monastery with your work ”.
When the cheesemaker had the pasta filata in his hand, the Prior came to his mind and he thought “I’d like to strangle that boring man” and he twisted the top with strongly. He looked at that strange shape, which actually reminded him of the head of the church man, and satisfied he let the cheese ageing. When he brought the cheese to the Monastery, the Priore tasted it and satisfied he said: “very well son. You deserve praise for the cheese, but two weeks of penitence for your irreverence: You did it just like me.
◾ Imported from Italy
◾ Fattorie Cremona Brand
⚖️ Approx. 1kg per half piece


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Weight 0.900 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm