Why Recipes At My Table?

Recipes at my table is my way of documenting some of my family recipes and traditions. Growing up Italian consisted of a unique call to the table, which was a cowbell, situated at the bottom of the stairs. When we heard it ring, it meant supper was ready. It was a time to bring our stories of adventure to the table as we sat around with the most wonderful meals. A table is round, square, long, short, on the floor, off the floor or made by putting a table-cloth somewhere. People today don’t come together at the table as often as they should. When they do, they bring their phones and as a result , they don’t talk anymore.

Monthly Recipes

Recipes at my table brings you food preparation that is easy and that you can enjoy with family, friends or just yourself. Over the years, I have tweaked the family recipes to make them healthier, but I will always include the original version.  I also love to experiment and try new foods, and of course make them Italian in some way.

My Italian Roots

My Nonna Emilia was a no-fuss Italian. Everything she made in the kitchen was inspired by her passion of turning a few ingredients into mouth-watering meals. She taught me to do the same in my kitchen without giving up taste or tradition. My mother is also an inspiration. A cancer survivor, she lives to cook for her family and friends. She cooks with love. 

An award of creativity and flavor

Italian home made recipes past down from Generations

Recipes inspired from Passion

Chefs don't make mistakes, they make new dishes

Looking for a Recipe?

When your not sure what to make tonight or Looking to explore new recipes, Take a look and see what new adventure awaits!

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