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Johnny Prosciutto Gift Cards Explained

Q: How do I send a Gift Card?

A: In order to add a gift card to your cart, Customer’s must fill in the form and insert the required information.

Q: Ok, I sent the Gift Card to the recipient, now what?

A: If the form has been correctly completed, the gift card will be added to your cart, ready to be purchased. The email, containing the gift card code, will be sent to recipient only after the order has been completed.

Q: I applied the gift card for a purchase but I didn’t use the full balance. Where can I see the remaining balance?

A: In order to display the gift card in the “My Account – Gift Cards tab”, recipients must have made at least one purchase with the gift card code.

Q: Does the gift card expire?

A: Our gift cards expire after 12months.

*Please note, Our Gift Cards are virtual only & cannot be used in-store*