Percorino Crotonese Cheese 1.8kg


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This aged Calabrian cheese is, along with Romano and Toscano, one of the most famous members of the Pecorino family. The name pecorino derives from the Italian pecora meaning “sheep”; not surprisingly, pecorino cheeses are made from sheep’s milk, and are characteristically hard, with a dry mouthfeel.
Pecorino Crotonese is one of several mature pecorino cheeses (called stagionato )with a protected name, that are made in Italy. The aging process imparts to Crotonese cheese a slightly earthy character; a pleasant, savour intensity; and a subtle acidity. Crotonese is compact and firm, with a more darkly pigmented, even yellowish, interior than other Pecorino. The aroma is complex and bold, ranging from barny to grassy.


Try serving Crotonese thinly shaved with slices of fresh pear, honey, and quince spread; or alongside your favourite Italian cold meats. Like other hard, aged Italian cheeses: Crotonese is popularly grated over top of pasta dishes.
Beverage Pairing: Crotonese is most at home alongside a bold Italian red wine, or an intensely bittersweet cup of espresso.
  • Product of Italy
  • Milk-type: Pasteurized Sheep’s milk
  • 1.8kg per unit

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Weight 1.80 kg
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