📦 Important Free Shipping Update

🎙️ How Does Shipping Work and Why is it Expensive?
If you live within Ontario and Quebec then you will be eligible for free shipping when you spend over $99 on eligible products (Speciality cheeses, Condiments, Olives & Taralli do not qualify)
📦 How much does it cost Johnny Prosciutto for shipments?
We have a base cost of roughly 20$ per 100$ order, if living within a Metropolitan Area (Ontario and Quebec)
Our shipping materials cost roughly 6$ per Styrofoam box, 1$ per outer cardboard box and 2$ for each frozen gel pack used.
If we break down the costs for shipping our products online based on per 100$ orders, our cost to ship is roughly 28$ per order. (Ontario and Quebec)
❓ What about Non-Metropolitan Areas & Rural Areas & Large Orders within Ontario and Quebec?
The base cost rises significantly in the amount of 38$ per 100$ order.
As an example of which areas are non-metropolitan & rural would be : Thunder Bay & Sault Ste Maire
In the near future, due to rising shipping costs that we cant control. We will be unable to provide free shipping to select areas/orders within Ontario and Quebec
We will work with our clients within these areas and pay 80% of the shipping cost, while asking our clients to pay the remainder 20%.